Scotland’s Brave Service Personnel Denied a Vote

Scottish Soldier

Tom Tugendhat writes an excellent article raising the question, why have our serving Scottish Forces personnel been denied the right to vote for or against an independent Scotland? At a time when the resulting outcome may well alter the size and shape of the UK Armed Forces unlike any other time in our nations “recent” history why are these personnel being denied this basic of democratic right?

The loss of the Scottish contingent from HM Armed Forces will incur a change unlike any Armed Forces Select Committee has ever managed to achieve. The recent stringent Defence Reviews that created the enormous cuts and job losses in our armed forces have already shaped the UK governments Strategic Policy. Tom quite rightly, highlights the audacity of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, tearing like a rampant bear through the fields and streets of eastern Ukraine. Is it any wonder that the likes of the Islamic State, currently murdering their way across a Middle East engulfed by flame recognises an opportunity, just like Putin, to advanced their aims while a weakened and war weary West diminish there nation’s readiness for any future “internal” as well as external conflict!

Change is inevitable and good can come from it, however our nations troops deserve a better opportunity to have a say in their own nations government. If politicians are willing to sign a declaration that sends the young men and women of this country to war then, the very least that those same politicians can do, is allow them the right to vote on an issue that will affect the future of this nations defence and quite probably, it’s overall position on the world stage.