Search & Rescue Tracking (SART)

We have just had a great weekend delivering Search & Rescue Training to members of the UK SAR community. Training was delivered in a mixture of sand, grassland and ancient woodland and consisted of 2 very busy days!


Trying to get the rudiments of Tracking across in 2 days is a big ask however, PENCARI recognised the importance of what these SAR volunteers do. Come rain or shine, summer or winter these guys are out there searching for children, walkers or runners and even mentally disturbed persons possibly suffering from the debilitating effects of Alzheimers who have become disorientated or lost. These teams work alongside Police Search teams and on occasion are asked to assist with the location of the deceased, offering their time and energy to save and preserve life every day of the year without pay and for little or no recognition. Well we couldn’t say no could we…


Our aim was to leave them with a basic understanding of Sign, how to interpret it and recognise it and use it to eliminate openings encountered. This was a crucial part of the training, as many of our SAR teams within the UK will use dogs to Scent Track however, if a change of direction is encountered the importance of recognising Sign consistent to the time frame of the missing person is crucial and can increase the overall speed of the search. With every minute potentially making the difference between life and death, the link between Visual and Scent Tracking and the way that both skills merge could make the difference to a successful outcome or one of failure!

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