About Pencari Training

PENCARI Training – unite former Military and Law Enforcement specialists from a wide variety of fields offering a vast range of talents and abilities to provide you, our clients, with the support you need to optimize your performance and your people’s survivability in all environments and in all situations.

We provide you with an integrated through-life training delivery service comprising first-hand experience of operating in some of the world’s most demanding and hostile environments, offering you expert analysis, wherever your mission may take you.

PENCARI has extensive experience of handling many different training projects including large and often complex assignments in locations worldwide. All our training solutions are tailored to our clients’ individual needs and we have an exemplary record of performing at the highest standards for both our government and commercial clients.

2 thoughts on “About Pencari Training

  1. Great page, the text is well written and the pictures explained what you are offering.
    Let me know if I can ever help you out, I did a course you held in Denmark, and have 12 years experience from Danish Army RECCE.
    Best Regards Urban.

    • Urban, great to hear from you again and yes we remember you from your course, we had alot of fun delivering our training to professional people and in a great location. Thank you for your kind words and as ever stay safe. Dean

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