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We wanted to share with you the amazing capability that is Combat Tracking Information Exploitation (CTIX). Set in a fictional country, a Combat Tracking Team are tasked to deploy and respond to a realistic incident. This fast paced action movie shows the team arriving at the incident site, Casting for “Sign” and gaining valuable intelligence and information about their Quarry/Target. The team rapidly transition to an offensive posture and conduct a breathtaking pursuit………

“The wicked flee when none pursueth but the righteous are as bold as a lion” – Proverbs 28:1

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PENCARI – Offensive Exploitation Training for Contemporary Operations

“The ‘color change’ was obvious, the ‘regularity’ more subtle. A change in the Operators position, placing the ‘Sign’[1] between himself and the sun increased the amount of ‘contained shadow’ created by the ‘emplacers’ footwear. Another shift of position and the disturbed soil created by the burying of the pressure plate was clear to see. Within seconds the Ground Penetrating Radar confirmed the presence of a low metal content Improvised Explosive Device (IED)”.


CIED Sign Awareness ( CIED SA) is a derivative of Combat Tracking – the ability to actively follow and pursue a Quarry or Target in order to gain information or close with and interdict! It has enhanced the ability of both military and law enforcement personnel to identify the visual and in some instances non visual (scent, audio even ‘6th sense) ‘action indicators’ associated to/with an IED placement. Fused with the considerable technological advances made in detection and surveillance equipment over the last eleven years it is now proven to increase both our Military and our Law Enforcement Officers survivability by 70-80%!

So, are CIED Sign Awareness and Combat Tracking (CT) purely a defensive ‘Force Protection’ capability therefore only suited to the realms of a ‘Defeat the Device’ concept? Or is there scope to offensively utilise CT as an Information Exploitation (IX) asset enabling active Follow and Pursuit style operations and therefore truly ‘Attacking the Network’, whatever that ‘Network’ may be? PENCARI[2] have been working towards a fresh and updated version of what is widely termed ‘Awareness Training’, and have actively encouraged the fusing of technology to enhance what is ultimately a low level yet undeniably crucial tactical skill-set.

The PENCARI Combat Tracking Information Exploitation or CTIX as it is more widely known, is successful in ‘Training the Force’ to both identify and subsequently exploit any area of insurgent or criminal activity including IED, Ambush Sites, LUP’s and Distribution Points (to name a few). CTIX is multi faceted and works hand in hand with technology such as Ground Penetrating Radar, C-IED Metal detectors, UAV’s and other ISTAR[3] assets such as handheld and vehicle mounted optics, cameras and even thermal devices. It is not however reliant on any of this technology for its successful application and therefore does not add additional weight to the Operator (Military or Law Enforcer) in the form of extra equipment. CTIX is enhanced training and knowledge that weighs nothing yet delivers a punch in the form of valuable ‘immediate use intelligence’ negating any sacrifice for speed of manoeuvre, imperative to our already over burdened and heavily laden troops.


CTIX is suitable for all environments and weather conditions, not every ISTAR asset can make this claim. Climatic and geographic problems such as cloud cover or triple canopy rainforest is not susceptible to Satellite or UAS penetration. In a close country tropical environment Combat Trackers can and will be a primary source of intelligence along with both HUMINT[4] and EW[5]. After listening to our clients needs, PENCARI have enhanced their training adding fresh impetus and focus on ‘mobile IX’ training. Looking for and positively identifying Sign from an elevated position while moving at speed is very different to that of a foot patrol or an EOD Operator making a slow and methodical approach towards an IED.

The multi environment approach to PENCARI’s training recognises that future contingency style operations may take our forces into the jungles of West Africa or the arid desert regions of the Sub Sahara. With current and future conflicts revolving around and at times entering into population centres the urban environment is not forgotten. A portion of each CTIX is dedicated to operating within this hazardous environment, factoring on both Force Protection and Information Exploitation alike.

The Law Enforcement and the Commercial Security Sector, especially the Oil and Gas industry recognise CTIX as a valuable force multiplier. The US Border Patrol have employed Tracking and various exploitation techniques successfully for many years both as a means of identifying cross border incursions and also along with other assets, to actively pursue and interdict illegals. The UK Police and other European based Forensic Agencies are increasingly using the skills associated with the CTIX to prevent and decrease the escalation of metal theft from critical infrastructure such as the National Rail Networks and critical communication hubs.

“The Tracker moved stealthily along the ‘trackline’, every few feet confirming his quarries ‘Sign’. He could clearly identify where the emplacer had squatted, while resting and smoked a cigarette, the sign was becoming fresher, they were gaining on this guy and he didn’t even know it! Now that the insurgent’s direction was established additional assets were being brought to bear on his path of flight. A UAV was already flying along the search ‘cone’. The real-time video feed linked back to an Operations Room ready to launch an interdiction force, by vehicle or aviation means. For the CTIX trained operators the result was inevitable……”

[1] Sign – Any evidence of change to the natural environment created by Man, Animal or Machinery.

[2] PENCARI – meaning ‘Seeker or Searcher’ in Bahasa Malay, many of PENCARI’s Instructors are ex UK and UKSF Instructors who taught at the UK Military’s Combat Tracking School based in Brunei, SE Asia.

[3] ISTAR – Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance.

[4] HUMINT – Human Intelligence.

[5] EW – Electronic Warfare.

PENCARI deliver bespoke training solutions to both Military and Law Enforcement professionals ‘worldwide’. For further information concerning the CTIX and other training contact PENCARI Defence and Security at:  or alternatively visit their website: