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We were recently fortunate to be asked to deliver a bespoke and targeted training package on behalf of the Military.  PENCARI Training quickly identified that the team’s we were training had previously received a plethora of predominantly classroom based training, along with a considerable amount of ‘gifted’ equipment and technology. Although these previous initiatives were well intended, we weren’t convinced that this was the best approach. So we focused our attention on what we believe is the most important asset in any Unit or team, regardless of that team being from a military, law enforcement or even NGO background – the individual.

Adapted Instr

The Human Element is our first pillar of training ethos putting the person first. Improving that individual and ensuring that they can be the very best that they can be, ultimately enhancing the overall team’s capability and preventing what we commonly see as an over reliance on technology…..

PENCARI Training achieve ISO 9001:2015 Certification


Dorset based defence and security training provider has achieved certification to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 standard, establishing it as one of the leaders in its field.


This independent assessment was conducted by the British Assessment Bureau, a leading Certification Body, and demonstrates PENCARI’s commitment to customer service and quality training delivery.

PENCARI Training has now earned the right to display the coveted British Assessment Bureau quality shield and ISO 9001:2015 logo to demonstrate its conformance to the standard.

ISO 9001 was first introduced in 1987 and requires organisations to demonstrate that they do what they say they do, and that they have a Quality Management System in place to ensure consistency and improvement; leading to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed to ensure progress is being maintained.

PENCARI has shown they have good service reliability and process controls, which means lower costs for its customers!

PENCARI’s Founding Director, Dean Williams said, “we’re particularly pleased to have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification as it underlines our commitment to our customers and our focus on quality training delivery. Not many customers get to see their training provider’s ‘back office’ activities. This recognition demonstrates that we can provide a quality solution from initial needs analysis to training delivery and consultancy and beyond”.

The benefits of certification to ISO 9001 include:

  • Streamlining an organisation’s procedures;
  • Bringing consistency to an organisation’s service delivery;
  • Reducing cost and rework;
  • Improving an organisation’s management practices;
  • Enhanced status;
  • Competitive advantage;
  • Lower insurance premiums.

PENCARI Training Ltd has a proven and highly successful record in the delivery of bespoke training initiatives to the Defence and Security sector. Their training offers the world’s Government Organisations (Military, Law Enforcement), Non Government Organisations and Commercial Security Companies market leading, responsive analysis and focussed training; preparing their personnel for Military and Civil crisis management operations worldwide and throughout all environments.

PENCARI Is a veteran owned private company employing ex UK service personnel and current serving UK Armed Forces Reservists. It delivers crucial defence and security training to the UK Military and Police as well as the worlds’ Armed forces and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Since its inception in 2011 PENCARI training has consistently delivered training of the very highest standards and is now recognised as one of the UK’s leading providers of bespoke training ensuring that the people who safe guard us in the current fight against terror are safer and more efficient in their day to day operational roles.

“Providing Bespoke Training Solutions in order to prepare today’s Specialists for tomorrow’s uncertainties”

The Human Factor



PENCARI training recently delivered a CIED Sign Awareness course to operators within both the Norwegian Army and the USMC – the photo shows the importance of studying and understanding how “sign” ages, allowing operators to reach an understanding on what is relevant to an IED emplacement and what might be normal pattern of life – great course and a lot of fun working with these real Vikings!

IED Awareness/identification IS NOT all about technology – its about the Human Factor. The guys and girls who function 24/7 in all weather conditions without the need for a battery change or a replacement part…..

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Combat Tracking IX Course


Here’s PENCARI’s latest exceptional training offering now open to both Individuals and Teams.

Dates: 14-25 April 2014.                                     Course duration: 2 week (10 day).

Location: Training will take place at our exclusive High Altitude Desert Terrain facility in New Mexico USA.

All training, on-site Accommodation and all Meals included in one incredible price.

By attending the PENCARI CTIX you are guaranteed an opportunity to receive world renowned quality Combat Tracking instruction from PENCARI’s exceptional team of Instructors! Our training will enhance both current and future Military, Law Enforcement, Counter-Poaching and Security operations whatever and wherever your Mission may take you!

CTIX level 1 class includes all necessary lessons required to identify ‘sign’ and through the use of Information Exploitation (IX) techniques make intelligent and logical assumptions and deductions about your quarry/target in order to successfully pursue and interdict. The CTIX has a completely tactical focus drawing on years of experience in Combat Tracking in both an operational and training role. It includes Deception and Counter Deception, C- IED, Night and Urban Tracking. The class is both mentally and at times physically challenging.

Participants must be physically fit and capable of carrying medium loads over distances in excess of 15 miles over rugged terrain and on occasion at speed.

The cost of our Combat Tracker IX – level 1 (Mil/LE-100 hours) = $2200 USD a 20% deposit ($440 USD) is required on booking with full payment required no less than 4 weeks before course start date.


 All payments can be made through our PayPal account. We will invoice you through PayPal and you are free to pay via credit, debit or Bank card, you are not required to have a PayPal account!

Just send us an email to and we will do the rest!

Additional PENCARI Training Benefits:

Instructor Student RatioPENCARI’s Instructor to Student ratio never exceeds 1:4, ensuring that an Instructor is always with the student Combat Tracking Team, delivering advice, guidance and assistance throughout each and every track.

Instructor Depth of KnowledgeOur World leading Instructors all come from incredible backgrounds including UKSF and Royal Marines Commando. All instructors have served on numerous operations in all environments, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Columbia, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Bosnia, Kurdistan, Northern Ireland to name a few. All PENCARI Instructors have also served as Instructors at the UK Military Combat Tracking School based in the Jungles of SE Asia and therefore have a considerable depth of knowledge in successful training delivery…..they know what works!

Multi Environment Training: PENCARI ensure that you receive training in as many differing environments as the training area allows. This ensures that wherever you may be asked to serve you have an understanding of what to look for in that environment and how to adjust your tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) to best suit the threat and the terrain. PENCARI Instructors have the confidence to teach you anywhere and offer you a true Contingency capability.

Open country, Close country Drills (including Urban): PENCARI recognize the importance of adapting Information Exploitation and Pursuit methods both to the threat and to the terrain therefore, we deliver you the necessary skills to conduct CTIX in both Open and Close country including Urban Tracking. This ensures that team safety remains a priority and enables you to successfully complete your Mission whatever that Mission may be.

Relevant and Up to Date (TTP’s): Combat tried and tested tactics, techniques and Procedures. The TTP’s that PENCARI teach have been tested in combat and have not been found wanting. They have been developed over many years and many conflicts as diverse as Aden, The Malay Emergency, The Borneo Confrontation, Northern Ireland, Rhodesian Bush Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. We understand the loads that you are required to carry (because we too have carried those loads) and the affects that they will have, both on the Team and on the Individual in a fast ‘Pursuit’ style operation. Combat Tracking IX can be aided by the use of new and existing technology however its successful use is not dependent on it! We discuss and train how to incorporate your Tracking drills into a multi-layered technical approach ensuring your Team maintains the tactical and operational advantage over any adversary.

Our Training AreasWe select our training areas to offer as many differing environments as possible, crucial to ensure a true contingency capability (go anywhere use anywhere). They all consist of both Open and Close Country, grass, rock, sand, bush, scrub, wetlands and urban terrain. This diversity will give you the confidence in your Tracking skills to operate anywhere and in all environments.

Full PackageTraining, Accommodation and Food all included in one price. Our discreet and secluded New Mexico training site offers the incredible opportunity to conduct Tracking training in an unsurpassed and demanding environment. Airport transfers can be arranged at an additional charge.

To book or for further information please email us at: